About Me

What is Steampunk?
Steampunk is a sub-culture related to science-fiction whose fans are fascinated by culture and visuals of the 19th century. Steampunk aficionados enjoy literature, comics, TV, Film influenced by the style, which relies on materials common at the time - brass, copper and wood. They celebrate their culture by creating and wearing cloths and accessories in that style.

Meet Sir Steam-a-Lot
My real name is Erez Benari, and I'm a computer engineer from Sammamish, Washington. I've been a fan of science fiction since early childhood and in recent years I've started making my own steampunk and geekdom accessories, jewelry, toys and misc items. In my work, I use a variety of tools and techniques, from simple carpentry and sewing to metal casting and CAD Laser cutting. I acquire most of the base materials and parts from thrift stores like Goodwill and Value Village, as well as other recycled-parts stores, with both cost-cutting and environmental consideration in mind.

I want one!
Want one of my pieces for your own collection? No problem. Please keep in mind that I hand-craft these items individually, and the photos on the site may not be a perfect representation of my current stock. Below are the prices for some of the items, and you can use the Contact Me page to request an item, or a quote for a custom piece (for example, if you'd like the "Waiting for Han" set , but with specific colors):

  • Necklaces: $40
  • Keychains: $35
  • Phone cases: $20
  • Steampunk guns: $35-70
  • Gold-pressed Latinum: $30
  • Lego brick: $20
  • Guitar: $600